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Jump 5 Virtual Reality Şarkı Sözü


I may never get it right
You might find I fall away
I can’t live the perfect life
Every hour everyday
I may stumble, You may see
A side you never knew of me
I don’t want to let You down
But I cannot make the guarantee
That I could love you like You Love me ’til the end of time
It drives me crazy thinking why You want me by Your side
I know that I’m not dreaming
Is my mind playing tricks on me
No, Your love won’t let me believe in virtual reality
It’s beyond imagination, Your love changes everything
I know in my heart this ain’t no virtual reality
I may never understand
Lord, my mind is so amazed
I can’t really comprehend
I’m entranced, blown away
But what I feel inside my heart
Isn’t always what I see
Funny how your faith can change Your virtual reality
Seems too easy to believe You’d love me as I am But this reality will keep my heart here in Your hands

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